The Hall of Fame Game August 6th, 2001

I was lucky enough to get tickets to the Hall of Fame game between the Miami Dolphins and the St. Louis Rams. I thought I would add information about my trip that could be useful to anyone going to a Hall of Fame Game.

Guess the first thing is to discuss tickets. The Hall of Fame game is always a sellout! So you need to keep checking the Hall of Fame website to find out how to get tickets. This year they had a drawing for tickets, only 500 tickets are available to the general public. These tickets are for end zone tickets, I had heard that they did not use nets for extra points and field goals, but this was not the case when I was there. I was told that they must use nets because there were many problems in the stands with people going for the football. The Hall of Fame then has a second drawing for tickets, but these are for standing room only.

I would recommend making hotel reservations as soon as you plan to go. The Hall of Fame induction's are on the same weekend so hotels sell out fast, and the hotels charge a premium for rooms on that weekend. I stayed at theComfort Inn , and had a very pleasant surprise! The Miami Dolphins cheerleaders stayed at this hotel! I have autographs from a few of them below. The F-14 pilots that did the fly-by before kick-off also stayed at this hotel. The Dolphins cheerleaders were INCREDIBLY nice and friendly, and can't say enough good things about them!

As forFawcett Stadium it is a small, and seats approximately 22,000 people. Here is aseating chart of the stadium , the home team enter from the area by section 24, and the visiting team enters by section 21.

On Sunday before the game teams have a public practice, this year you needed to go to a McDonalds in the county to get a ticket to the practice, the ticket is free so you just need to pick it up. The first 5,000 people to enter the stadium for practice are given an autograph card by players from the teams, these cards are personally signed by the players and are not lithographed autographs, I received several of them and you can click on them below to see an enlarged view. I would recommend to get to the stadium a couple of hours early and get on line, that way you are sure to get an autographed card and a good seat in the stadium for practice. Since the players enter through section 21 or 24 that is your best place to be to get autographs from the players as they come on and off the field. Note that in august the weather is EXTREMELY hot and humid so dress accordingly.

As far as the town of Canton it goes all out for the festivities and everyone I met were EXTREMELY nice and helpful! I would recommend that you have a pen with you at all times because on the induction weekend you never know who you may see. I was speaking with a bartender at Bennigans who told me that he saw a big person come to the bar, he said that as big as you are and being Hall of Fame weekend that you must have been a player, as he poured the gentleman a drink he heard a "clunk" on the bar and turned around and the gentleman had placed his Super Bowl ring on the bar, and introduced himself as Bob Kuechenberg from the undefeated 1972 Dolphins! So you never know!

There are several autographs session sponsored by the Hall of Fame, the fees this year were $150.00, but you got autographs from ALL the inductees, they also had other autograph sessions with Hall of Fame alumni.

I would HIGHLY recommend this trip to any football fan!

Click on the images below for an enlarged view.

Josh Heupel Robert Konrad Heath Irwin Ben Adams
Todd Wade James McNight error-file:TidyOut.log Game Ticket
Matt Turk, Jeff Ogden, O.J. McDuffie Cheerleaders    



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