Well here it goes, I work in the IT field as I said in the About page. I thought it would be nice to give some basic ideas on how to grab images off of the Internet and save them as wallpaper. After each weeks game I go to various sites and then change the wallpaper to whatever pictures I like the best, of course you can do this with whatever pictures you like,  baseball, hockey, etc. It gives your computer screen a little something better to look at than the generic Microsoft backgrounds. I will give screen "snapshots" for Windows 95, 98 and NT, to make this task as EZ as possible.

1st) Go to this URL, you can use other ones once you get use to the steps


This URL will have all of the current sporting pictures that are on Yahoo,

2nd) At the bottom of the page you will find a "search photos dialogue box";


Enter Dolphins into the box and click on the Search Photos button.

3rd) The search will return all photos which have the word Dolphins in the decription. So you could enter Dan Marino for all the all of the pictures that they have archived. Anyways you will get results similiar to the following;

When you run your search you will get the newest pictures 1st, so the results from this search has pictures from the Seattle playoff game. At the bottom of the page there is a button for the Next 10 for further archived pictures.

4th) Click on the picture, this should enlarge the picture to something like this;

5th) We are almost complete with this task, all we need to do is right click on the picture and choose Set as Wallpaper.



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